It’s no big secret, social security alone will not be able to provide us with the quality of life we grow accustomed to over the course of our life. Some people may have a company sponsored 401k for their later years in life but that too has great limitations. A 401k can never be used for collateral and does not help you establish credit. Making weekly contributions to an IPWealthBuilding account for personal purposes is the smartest way to prepare for your later years in life and establish creditworthiness at the same time.

Get a New Car

Create a New Car fund today! The easiest way to build credit is to contribute $10 a week to your own personal wealth building account.

Purchase a Home

Wow, the American dream! With a personal wealth building account getting the credit you need to purchase a home just got easier. Use your account as collateral and get the best interest rate today.

Retirement Funding

Stop, please let me bust the myth. Anyone planning to retire at 65 is cheating themselves. Plan to stop working at 50 with a personal wealth building account. People do it. Why can’t you?