Companion Card

The companion card is a sharable account that can be used for educating teenagers on best money practices or assisting elderly parents with financial management.

Weekly Allowance

Give your teenager more than a weekly allowance or lunch money. Give them a financial education they can use for a lifetime. With a companion card you can teach them to how establish and manage a budget that is easily tracked and monitored from your phone. You can even receive SMS alerts of account activity for the ultimate parental guidance.

Caregiver Per Diem

Tracking and managing caregiver per diems has never been easier or more convenient. Easily generate weekly or monthly statements and get SMS alerts for all card activity ensuring your money is being used for the purposes it was intended for.

Elderly Care

Caring for loved ones can sometimes be very stressful and emotional, especially when it comes to money management, bill payments and everyday purchases. Now you can minimize the challenges and risks with a companion card while maintaining your loved one’s self-esteem. Easily manage budgets and daily expenditures, ensure bill payments and protect your loved one’s from fraudulent or devious behavior with SMS alerts for all card activity.