Card to Card

Join the NewWayCard network and securely send money to family and friends from any electronic device instantly for free.

Restaurant Bill Sharing

Restaurant bill sharing with family and friends during nights out or when on summer vacations is as simple as logging into the system, selecting the card you want to send money to, setting the amount to transfer and hitting send. Stress free the way it ought to be.


How many times have you asked a family member or friend to share the expense of a gift? NewWayCard cardholders can choose to send money to each other for free reducing the financial burden on one party when group gift giving or making a purchase on your behalf.

Financial Assistance

Child away at college? Family member or friend in need? NewWayCard cardholders can support each other by sending money for free any day or night instantly, with any electronic device. Be there when the moment arises no matter how near or far, your NewWayCard will always deliver safely and securely on a moments notice.