About Us

Who are we – Personally, we are everyday people. Hard working Mom’s and Dad’s trying to do our best for our family and kids. Business wise, we are IT solutions providers, small business owners, consultants and software developers. We are all bringing our unique experiences to create a financial platform that leverages our past efforts and experiences to provide financial services that are secure, easy to use, for the lowest fees possible.  As the founder, I can relate to some of the consumers we look to serve because I faced some of the same financial challenges and hardships as they do. The services we are offering are meant to ease those challenges and relieve those hardships for myself and anyone wishing to use our services.


Why Us – We at IPJukebox, our life long technologists who have helped businesses evolve through the use of technology. With over 35 years of IT business experience we have learned a better way to manage every day finances and prepare for our financial future. IPJukebox was founded to give consumers a “New Way” for Sending, Spending, & Saving money. We created a financial gateway to connect consumers with every day financial services. The IPJukebox “NewWayCard” is a MasterCard that creates a secure, convenient way to make purchases, send money, pay bills and build wealth.


Our Mission – I was once blacklisted from the US banking system. It was the shock of a lifetime. It forced me to rely on fringe banking outlets to access cash and manage my money. It was extremely expensive and very inconvenient. Instead of letting this experience dog me, I chose to view it as a lesson from God. What I learned was there were so many people being exploited and taken advantage of by a predatory system that I was determined to find a better way for them as well as myself. Driven by these experiences, I created a financial network to be used by everyone seeking a “New Way” for Sending, Spending and Saving money.