I have never been great at budgeting or keeping very close watch of my finances. One of my biggest downfalls is my debit card. I just swipe, swipe, and check periodically to know where my balance is. This a great way to get into trouble financially, which is something I have definitely done. This year I signed up for a New Way Card and I decided to try something out. I don’t know about you, but during the holidays, I have been known to go into debt, splurging on more gifts that I should. I came up with a budget and loaded that amount onto my New Way Card. This meant I knew exactly how much I was “allowed” to spend. Since the New Way Card is accepted everywhere MasterCard is, I was able to use it to make all of my purchases and every time I did, I received a text message with the purchase information and my remaining balance. It worked out perfectly and I started the New Year debt-free.

I have decided going forward that my New Way Card will be used in place of my debit card. I will create a monthly budget for myself and have only that amount to spend. This will help me create some financial accountability. How will you use your New Way Card?

1by Karina Konchalski